My New Dr Hamlet Mottrell series

I’ve been toying with the concept of a new series for around two years, working on characters and ideas, and it was a chance encounter at a charity function with a forensic psychiatrist at a medium secure unit that fired up my imagination and sparked the beginnings of an idea.

Giving me several hours of his time to talk about his role, I got some interesting material from him and at the same time I latched onto some of his quality characteristics that I knew readers would find fascinating and embrace.

His name came courtesy of a Victorian headstone in my local churchyard. What a find.

Placing Hamlet in the right setting was the next thing I focussed on and that came again by good fortune when a friend invited me to see some woodland he had bought. Within those woods he showed me a Neolithic burial chamber-cum-shrine that had once contained the skeletons of two of the tribespeople that once lived there, the remnants of a 4000 year old stone circle, and the foundations of a Roman smallholding.

Once I had swapped my friend’s wooden shelter for a full-blown cabin-cum-home, I had Hamlet’s residence.

Finally, the storyline. I am a detailed plotter when it comes to preparing my books, and I’d just made a start on planning the storyline for Hamlet’s first adventure, when by chance I got a visit from a journalist friend who was the digital editor for a paper, who wanted to show-off a phone app that had been developed by a friend of his for advertising and promotion. The foundations of it were hinged on using advanced graphics to wow the audience.

The demonstration he gave me utilised a glossy brochure produced for a forthcoming ancient Egypt exhibition, the centre-piece being the golden mask of Tutankhamun. He activated the app over an image of Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus, and before my eyes the sarcophagus lid floated off revealing the bandaged mummy which unravelled to reveal the face of young King Tut. I was blown away, and just knew I could make use of this, especially putting it in the hands of my psychopathic serial-killer, to showboat his killings.

SEE THEM DIE is the first book in the Dr. Hamlet Mottrell series which will be launched early in 2022 and that will be followed later by THE WEDDING PLANNER.

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