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Following retirement, after thirty-two years as a police officer, working mainly as a detective, Michael returned to the deadly business of murder, as a writer. His past work brought him very close to some nasty characters, including psychopaths, and gruesome cases and he draws on that experience to craft his novels: There is nothing gentle about Michael’s stories.

His landmark novel ‘Heart of the Demon’, published in 2012, introduced Detective Sergeant Hunter Kerr. He has since written eight novels featuring him. He also released the first of his DS Scarlett Macey books in 2016.

He is also the author of a stand-alone crime novella ‘Chasing Ghosts’ and a true-crime thriller ‘Safecracker’.
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Hunter Kerr’s first case is more deadly than he could have ever imagined…
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Heart of the Demon - DS Hunter Kerr - Michael Fowler

Heart of the Demon

A depraved killer is leaving a trail of bloody clues...
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Cold Death - DS Hunter Kerr - Michael Fowler

Cold Death

Three violent crimes, but are they connected?
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I have lost count of the number of dead bodies I have seen. I have fought with drunks, wrestled thieves to the ground, almost been stabbed by a knife-wielding burglar on the run.

Upcoming Events

The Covid pandemic has scuppered most of my talks to date, however, there is still the possibility that a couple may go ahead. One of those is at Brighouse Library on the 2nd October, as part of the Brighouse Festival. Fingers crossed.

If you want to book me to attend your event/group to give my talk ‘Two careers catching killers’ please email or message me on Facebook.


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January 22, 2022
My New Dr Hamlet Mottrell series

I’ve been toying with the concept of a new series for around two years, working on characters and ideas, and it was a chance encounter at a charity function with a forensic psychiatrist at a medium secure unit that fired up my imagination and sparked the beginnings of an idea. Giving me several hours of […]

September 16, 2020

September sees the release of the next Hunter Kerr novel published by Sapere Books and I thought you would be interested to hear where the Beast of Barnwell – the serial killer in this story - comes from.

June 29, 2020

Questions and answers When did you first start writing? Did a specific event encourage you to start? About the age of twelve, and it was a science fiction apocalyptic story, written in two exercise books from Woolworths. I had an uncle, who was not only an avid reader but had a wonderful imagination, and as […]

June 29, 2020

Following my retirement after 32 years in the police service, working mainly as a detective, I set about working on the novel I promised myself I would write. I had already made one attempt in the early 1990’s whilst working undercover in drugs squad, making notes when on surveillance and writing them up in an […]

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